How do you get the keyword search volume from google via php script

matthewdacruz used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,
How can I retrieve google search volume for keywords from Google? Can anyone recommend a script that is free that gives

    * Online Competition Webpages (Search results)
    * Number of Websites (count of competint TLD)
    * Number of Commercial Websites (Count of competing sites)
Or is their a way to get the information via an API


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WEB CEO is a powerful SEO Tool, which i used.

in my opinion it is one of the best tool.

you can find competition webpages for each keywords, how your keyword ranking changes everyday, it helps you to submit your urls to different sites and many more.

i'm not sure whether this tool provides an api which you can use from a php script to get the details required.



thanks pg-expert

I am actually looking for a php script that accesses google via an API call.



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