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I have a JSP form with "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons. I would like to call the same action that the continue button invokes when the cancel button is clicked. I need to be able to determine that it was the cancel button that was clicked so I can process a different section of code. I have done this in Struts1 but I do not know how to do it in Struts2 or I do not know an efficient way to accomplish this.

Any help is appreciated.


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set the value of the cancel button to cancel and the name to button

<html:submit value="Cancel" name="button"/>

and the same for the submit
<html:submit value="Continue" name="button"/>

then check the value of the property button in your action.
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If you will be executing different sections of code, then it probably makes more sense to declare a method on the action class for each button, and factor out the common functionality to a shared, protected method.

class MyAction extends ActionSupport {

public String cancel() {
// some action specific code
return SUCCESS; }

public String continue() {
// some action specific code
return SUCCESS;

protected doSomething() {
// shared logic


Then some ways to call the action would be as below..

<s:form action="MyAction" namespace="/customers" method="post">

<input type="image" name="method:continue" src="<s:url value="/images/button_continue.png"/>" title="Continue" />
<input type="image" name="method:cancel" src="<s:url value="/images/button_cancel.png"/>" title="Cancel" />


--Or explicit URLs

<s:url id="continueUrl" action="continue" namespace="/myaction"/>
<a href="<s:property value="continueUrl"/>"><img src="<s:url value="/images/button_continue.png"/>" title="Continue" /></a>

<s:url id="cancelUrl" action="cancel" namespace="/myaction"/>
<a href="<s:property value="cancelUrl"/>"><img src="<s:url value="/images/button_cancel.png"/>" title="Cancel"/></a>

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