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Hello All HP Experts;
This system originally was shiped with MS XP- Media Center, Someone upgraded to Vista Home Premium. now all not working (virus adware etc) I must reinstall OS again, It still has the recovery partition (I am assuming the original recovery with XP)
If I press F11 at boot time I get the following message:
Edit Windows Boot option for:  Microsoft Windows Vista
Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Hard disk: ba3d8e2f
Anyone has any idea if I still use the recovery partition?
Do upgrade to Vista change boot sector that the message refering to?

Thanks guys.
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i'd guess it would still be ok. I suspect all that the winload.exe is to extract the compressed files from the hidden partition an drestroes them to the pc hdd
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I found a HP tool whitin windows and when I ran,  it allowed me to get to recovery partition, however F10 for some reason would not allowed me. Anyway I was able to install XP and then upgrade it to vista ( I did not wanted to install Vista Clean since I was not sure it will find all drivers and espcially HP were no supporting this model any more and encourage to buy new one. woundring what these days green mean (HP has been selected the greenest company in Computer tech in US)  

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