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Have the following message when I run an *.exe file on a machine other than mine.

" This application has failed to start because rtl140.bpl was no found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Am trying to run the executable file on its own;  the file is not that large , therefore I would want it to be stand alone.   Appreciate some Help
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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)

I don't use Builder 2010 but, it looks like this exe has a dependency on rtl140.bpl, which, I would guess, is a Borland runtime library. You need to ensure this library is also present.
CBuilder defaults to use dynamic linking to the support libraries and all the component packages as well.

To make a stand alone exe you need to change two settings in the project's options.  Open options and look on the 'C++ Linker page',  you will see Dynamic RTL defaulted to true,  change that to false.

Then down farther on the 'Packages' page there is a checkbox 'Build with runtime packages',  uncheck that one.  

Now fully rebuild the project and you will see the exe file is going to be quite a bit larger. A basic program is typically ~ 1 mb when linked this way.

Of course it is also possible to just copy the needed bpl files into either the same directory as the exe or into a searchable path so your program can find them.  The default install puts the bpl files into c:\windows\system32 when you install CBuilder.

These settings are universal to all releases of CBuilder.

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