ASP.NET web application integrated into sharepoint

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          I have successfully integrated web application (one page default.aspx) into sharepoint by placing it in _layouts folder.
Now I need to redirect it to another page on the click of the button.
How do I do this?
for example A.aspx has a submit button on click it should display b.aspx in Sharepoint.
Please provide me a sample solution

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Are you doing any processing in A.aspx before the redirect, posting to B.aspx, or just going straight to B.aspx.  If the last is there any reason you can't use a hyperlink.


A.aspx takes user input and sends in data to B.aspx...I get your point ...but I am not able to redirect the page , do we nee do do more than usual i.e. Responce.Redirect("B.aspx");
if this is done in sharepoint?

Can I get a sample!

I would think that you would need to navigate to the page interactively in Sharepoint get the full URL from the address bar and redirect to that.
I user SPUtility and it worked

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