Yosemite BackUp Network throughput slows to a crawl

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I have Yosemite tape backup software version 8.8.01.  I am using the disk to disk transfer option.  The storage server and line of business software/databse servers are on the same IP + Subnet network.  The servers are running Server 2003 standard edition.  

Either backing up to disk or to tape, the Yosemite software does not give an error but the throughput stops at about 63 Gb.  I have come back the next day and no change in status. I have tried many settings in the software and same problem occurs.  I have not tried using XCopy to copy the 120 gb of file data to the storage server but I might attempt this to see if this is repeatable.

Any other suggestions ?.  Yosemite software works fine at our 2nd office location.
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Suppose you create two separate jobs, each with about 60GB of data, and run one after the other -- do they both complete? (this could be done by selecting, say, C:\dir1 and C:\dir2 for the first job, with C:\Dir3 and C:\Dir4 in the second job)  Does either or do both jobs finish?

What's the size of the disk partition you've created as the target?  With D2D backups, you often have to pre-allocate the space you'll be using (which is one of the reasons that backup to disk is a pain).

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful; I haven't played with this version of Yosemite.


I was able to create two smaller partitions.  The same problem occurred.  I observed when I looked at the NIC status window that data is being transferred but down from 3.0 Gbs to just one 1 packet every second.  I do not think its a problem with Yosemite software ???  It may be a hardware / Network issue with this server.  I am not sure where to go from here - any suggestions ??
When you say that the same problem occurred -- was it at about the same point (63GB total data)?

What I'd like to suggest for troubleshooting:
1) Monitor NIC, CPU, Disk, and RAM use in WIndows PerfMon to see what happens about that 64GB mark with current processes -- does CPU load start out low and build up?  Is RAM allocation increasing?
2) Ensure your NIC, tape, etc. drivers are up-to-date.    Get any updates for Yosemite.
3) Create several jobs, each under 60GB.  When you send them one after the other, is there still a problem at about 63GB?  Monitor in PerfMon.
4) If processor load is high, consider buying a TOE NIC (TCP/IP Offload Engine), which should with proper drivers reduce the CPU load on your system.
5) If disk becomes a bottleneck (increasing queue depth, etc.) defragment well and frequently.  This is one of the things you have to do manually with server-managed D2D backups.
6) How big is the target D2D partition?   If it's not at least twice as big as the backup, make it bigger.

If I could sit with you and monitor the above, it would be easier to figure out logical 'next steps' as suggested by the results, but you're going to have to look at the above and figure out what's going on and what makes sense to investigate further.  Good luck!


Thanks for this input. This was  helpful.  The problem I discovered was the Symantec Endpoint 11.0 Software (Network,Firewall & Antivirus Software.  Once this was removed the backups proceeded without error and full speed.  I am in contact with Yosemite support to learn the protocols and ports it uses to communicate with client servers so I can allow these activities explicitly in the firewall


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