How to match text format in Illustrator?

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Is there in Illustrator something similar to the format painter from Microsoft Word/Excel that allows transferring all text setting to match the format?
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To paste text while preserving text formatting don't select the type tool first. Just choose selection and then select edit > paste. When you copy text in this way, font, text size attributes such as boldfacing, and text box width will be preserved from the original text.



I actually have textboxes formatted in illustrator with setting like line height (leading), letter spacing, tabs, indents and so on... I am not pasting new text.

I am looking for a function to select one textbox, somehow copy the format and apply it to another textbox.

I want to ensure that all text boxes in my document have a consistent look.
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window > type > paragraph styles

brings up the palette

new paragraph style lets you create and modify

also these functions are available in the character styles palette too if you only want to modify single words etc.
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I guess you mean the Eyedropper tool (I) from the toolbar. You select your text box that you want to change (one or multiple boxes) and then you use the Eyedropper on text with the format you want to change to.

This will transfer all properties like font, size, spacing and colour/stroke.



This is exactly what I was looking for.

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