How do I find a MySQL database stored during an application install so that I can look at the tables it created?

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I installed a license of Business Objects Enterprise. It allows you to install several different types of databases for its applications functionality. The default is MySQL. However, I have struggled to access the data and see the tables that maintain the users folders scheduled report objects and group security etc. Can anyone tell me if I know what pc the application is installed on. How can I open and read the tables so that I know what tables make up the backbone of this application. How can I gain access to that information. We are desperate to see those tables. Any help would be appreciated.
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So you know what PC it is installed on?

search for mysql.exe in  your HDD, go to the directory it is found in , and then write,

mysql -u root

then write show databases;

it will show u all the databases currently present. you can select your required database to work on as

use <database_name>

then write show tables and it will show u all the tables

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Cool. Just one question are you talking about using DOS to find this or a Command Prompt? I do not know where to write "mysql -u root". I am not sure of the terminology there?
"then write show databases"
"then write show tables"
How do you do this or where do you do this. I have not heard instructions in such a way. Can you elaborate? Thank you for the quick response.

if mysql is installed with an application.. .mysql folder is most probably be in the appliction directory itself... if you can't find it there.. search it using windows search utility or dos prompt whatever suits u the best... then... using command prompt(or dos) switch to that directory, just assume u found mysql at c:\mysql then u wil go about this as follow

c:\> cd mysql
c:\> mysql -u root

then you will get mysql prompt

show databases;


show tables;

hope now i made it clear
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I got it to bring up c:>Program Files\mysql
When I type " -u root" after the c:>Program Files\MySQL I get an error  "-u " is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What did I do wrong. I have tried this on other folders that I found MySQL in.? Any thoughts.
you missed mysql command itself... see if you found it in above location you h ave to do the following

c:\Program Files\MySQL>mysql -u root

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My appologies this worked and I should have rewarded you sooner. I have been busy working for food.

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