How do I segment multiple vlans in vmware/vdi

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We are implementing VMWare view 3.1 for 300 desktops (xp). Eventually we would like to do this for the 10,000 desktops we have. Currently we have 3 HP Blades. How can we segment 10,000 number of virtual desktops into vlan's? Any suggestions?
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The way I understand it,
If you use Linked Clones/Composer, you would create a master template for each VLAN. So even though the master could/would be identical for all intents and purposes, the networking configuration for each master would refer to the VLAN it is configured for.
So if you have 10 VLANs, you would have 10 Masters. All identical but the network adaptor is bound to a different VLAN/PortGroup for each master would be different (1-10). Of course your ESX servers would be configured to route traffic for all those VLANs too by referring to the Paulsolovs reply above.
Then when when the composer is configured it will create persisent / non-persistent clones/pool desktops from the masters you define. So When they start up they will of course then be linked to the correct VLAN/PortGroup.
Well that is the way I would do it...


Thank you guys! The information you gave is excellent!

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