Cannot enter the bios???

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Hey guys:

I put this computer together today and it seems to boot up ok.  The 1st thing I see is the Asus Express Gate.  Then I have to hit exit to go to the normal boot up screens I am used to seeing.  I hit the exit key and then I get the normal Asus Startup screen.  It says, "Hit delete to enter startup."  So I do that and it looks like it starts to do that... I see the Marvel something adapter" and then a quick flash screen that goes right away of, "American MegaTrends" with an error that disappears so fast I have no clue what it says.  Then it goes immediately to, "Reboot and Select proper device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"

I need to get into the bios to setup the raid that I want, but, it's not letting me???  What do you think???

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Hey guys:

I just hooked up another keyboard and I got into the bios immediately.  I guess the delete key on the other keyboard was the issue.  

Please don't waste your time with this thread.  But thanks anyway for coming by!!!  I do appreciate it.

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