how do I rename a boot menu option

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I have a dual boot system with 3 OS's installed (WinXP, Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit).  On the boot menu that appears during startup,  the two listings for each version Vista in the menu are worded the exact same for both versions, displayed as "Windows Vista".  I'd like to have one read "Vista 32" and  the other "Vista 64" so someone can differentiate between the two versions of Vista in the boot menu.  Is there a way change the wording for each of the OS selections on the boot menu?  
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EasyBCD can help.

its free and has excellent boot tools for vista

You can do that by editing your boot.ini file on the root of the C: drive
vista dosnt use a boot.ini like xp does and i assume youre using the vista bootloader.  Try easybcd and good luck
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Just what NelsonTorres is saying boot.ini is replaced by a BCD (Boot Configuration Data) you can edit this file as you like.

you can usa a gui see the link from Nelson Torres or by command prompt type Bcdedit /? for the help on this. the command is already in vista, the gui you must download and install.

good luck.


The EasyBCD program just exactly what I wanted to do.  Can't believe how simple it was.  Thanks for the help.
no prob....any job is easy as long as you have the right tools

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