How can I run a sales report based on the Ship Via field on my invoice?

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I use the Ship Via field to keep track of what area/territory that particular job is in. I'd like to run a report on that field to show how many jobs are in each territory. How can I do this? I can figure out how to have the Ship Via filed as the primary sort column. This is in QB 2008.
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Not sure about your comment  "I can figure out how to have the Ship Via filed as the primary sort column." Did you mean Can't figure out?

Unfortunately the report you are looking for is a commonly requested report, but is not currently available in QB. You can however create this report outside of QuickBooks using 3rd party apps. The company I own actually creates reports using the ODBC driver for QuickBooks. This driver is included in the Enterprise Solutions version, but can be purchased separately from it's creator, FLEXquarters. They also have other apps available that might work for you like the QReportBuilder. You can find their information at You can also look at for other 3rd parties that may be able to assist you.

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