HP: Systems insight Manager version 5.1

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1) This is related to HP Server
2) This is related to "Systems Insight Manager Version 5.1
3) My questions:
First: I believe this software will be installed at the Top of an Operating System.
- What OS is it? A Windows OS? Which one is capable?
- Or should be a linux or Unix OS?

Second: What are the general functions of this software "systems insight manager version 5.1"?

Third: Could we install this software "systems insight manager" to any server (I mean not an HP server); for example "just want to practise the software itself"?

Fourth: Is there any Free Demo related to this software? If yes, provide the links please

4) Thank you

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The insight manager is normally installed to a Workstation PC, not a server. The OS on that PC would be a desktop Windows version, like windows XP. On the Servers you would install the HP management agents and configure them with the snmp traps (those are usually available through the smartstart CD or the HP download site). The insight manager PC then receives those traps and further info of your servers, and with that you always have a central area where you can monitor the health of your server, and get alerted when something important happens on your servers, like a disk gets full or gets bad etc.



1) Thank you for the explanation
2) Is there any "free download" or something like "evaluation version" of the Insight Manager software so i can try it out?
3) Or any Free Demo links for it?

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I have no Idea. It's a very long time ago that I used it, I'd check on the HP site and look for it there if I were you.

better try the newer version 5.3

you may start your steps through this link


Insight manager is very good tool monitor your systems in your network. it gathers Data from SNMP or the WBEM.

the HP System Insight Manager is given for free by HP. yet the essential appiclations (or plugins) are the one's that you may need to purchase a license. but nothing to worry, basic monitoring are included as free like system availability, system status and more.

good luck.

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