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Michael Belletty
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I have a client who has an IBM T30 laptop.  The laptop has an inbuilt Cisco wireless card. The laptop connects wirelesly to his home network, which is a basic Dlink router with WEP Security.
The laptop has worked perfectly for the last 3-4 years and has barely moved from the location in the house that it is in.
Recently the wireless connection was lost and the laptop was unable to detect ANY wireless networks.  After looking through the laptop, running malwarebytes, superantispyware, checking the AVG Free a/v and the firewall I was unable to get it to detect the wireless network.
I installed a USB wireless adapter and still it would not detect with wireless network.  I thought it must be software, so took the laptop back to my office and re-installed the operating system.  Still the inbuilt Cisco wireless would not detect my network, but the USB powered device did.  So I figured it was the inbuilt card that was faulty.
I took the laptop back to the clients house but neither the inbuilt or the USB devices would detect their wireless network.  I grabbed my laptop out (an IBM R50) and was able to detect their network and connect straight into it without any fuss.  Also my phone with wifi capability was able to detect their wireless network and connect into it.

We ended up connecting the laptop via ethernet cable to get the network connected at least, but the wireless issue is still unresolved.  I also uninstalled the IBM Access connections software in case that was creating an issue, but still it would not detect.  The computer does not show up any obvious issue and all drivers are installed for the wireless and updated.
For some reason the wireless just will not detect any wireless networks.  Every so often it detects a "hpsetup" network, but not sure what that is.  I have run hijackthis through the laptop and have attached the report.
The IBm T30 does not have a physical wireless switch to turn on or off, and the wireless system is enabled.

Can anyone help me with this.
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Its Strange, ok what encryption your using can you remove authentication from access point and try .. and if possible make that access point to factory default and and check with that usb wireless. There should not be any other problem expect pc side or access point side..


An update.  Strangely, after leaving the laptop connected to the network via cable, the issue has resolved itself and the wireless is now able to pickup the wireless network and connect into it.
It is a strange one, and the only thing I can think of is maybe there was a Microsoft update the created the issue, then another one that resolved it??


ANother update.  Even more strangely.  The laptop has been working fine for the last 2 weeks.  Suddenly half way through today the laptop wireless connection drops, and it can not find the network again.  There has been nothing done to the laptop as the owner was actually over East during the last 2 weeks.
I was able to log in remotely to the laptop this morning, now 3-4 hours later it has gone off line and the wireless connection will not work.

This is very wierd.  Can anyone suggest anything that I should be looking at in Windows XP to suggest why this has gone off line?
I have replaced the wireless card in this laptop, and now all seems to be working well.  Although not all symptoms pointed to the wireless card, it seems thats what it was!

Thanks for you help on this one!

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