ddl not getting replicated

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I have a database A ...which is replicating data and ddl to database B and C

A--> B
A --> C

But ddl are replicating from A to B but not to CC. transactions are getting replicated to both B and C. What can be the issue ?? The DSI's are not down.

when i create a test table t1 on A , i can see it on B but not on C. No DSI is down , no error is see.

aslo i have two rep servers R1 and R2. A -->B is through R1

A-->C is through both R1 and R2 . First transactions go to R1 and then R2 then to C. Basically there is a route from R1 to R2.

why i am not seeing ddl's in C, please advise ?
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Have you checked both replication server errorlogs? If a particular error is set to be ignored, it may not make DSI down. But, you would see a message in errorlog.
nothing in error log. but queue is filling up(stable queues)
how can we see things in queues? what can be the issue ?

"admin who, sqm" shows the queues and you can use that command to see whether it is draining or not.

Also you can execute rs_helppartition proc in RSSD for all stable devices to see the sizes of each inbound and outbound queues (it is useful especially if you are not sure which is the outbound and which is the inbound queue). The output is easier to read, but you can't see whether it is moving or just the same data is sitting there.


the question can be closed....resolved the issue on my own

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