Windows Server 2008 SBS how to Install terminal services licence server

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I have just set up az new server installation using the default installatiion wizards. I activated windows. what I cannot find is away to add the additional user CALs. On google i found a site advising me to install Terminal Services Licence Server by adding a role.

Terminal Services is already installed but I cannot see any way of installing Terminal Server which is what I think I need to do There is no Terminal Server option anywhere is the Server Manager tool

CaI also tried to run tsconfig.exe but that program could not be found

Can anyone assist
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SBS does not support a terminal server role

It only allows 2 RDP Connections at the same time... for managment purpose's.. thats it.

It is not a best practice anyway to be using the the SBS Server as terminal server.

If you want a terminal server, you will need to put it on another box and add it as a member server of the domain with the function/role of a terminal server
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If all you're wanting to do is add your user CALs, the answer is simple: you don't.  Unlike SBS 2003, you do not need to install CALs in SBS 2008.  In fact, you can't.  SBS 2008 doesn't track them like its predecessor did.  Just keep documentation of those CALs in a safe place should an auditor ever come knocking.  That's all there is to it.


Thanks, I was looking for something much more complicated

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