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Since the latest Apple Security Update 2009-05 I have been unable to access any smb shares on any server 2003.

All machines can ping the servers up until a request is made to access the samba shares, as soon as this happens pinging stops and the message "the finder cannot complete the operation because some data in could not be read or written" appears.

I have tested this on a machine that has not had the security update applied to it and there is no issue with it, same goes for snow leopard. Essentially Id like to know how to remove the update if possible.

Many thanks.
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Is Windows file sharing on for the local machine? if so turn it off and try again
SMB on the Mac has been problematic for some time.  There are those that will say it's been broken since the first version of Leopard and SL doesn't seem to have fixed it.  My personal experience is that it was fine until I went to 10.5.5 when it broke horribly. Since then it's gotten a lot better.

There are several things you can think about doing.  First, is to move to SL.  Second, read the last two posts in this link :

I know that the posts are about software updating, but I'm not sure that it's not all tied together with AD binding in a Windows environment. Ever since I went through the steps outlined there, my SMB mounting seems to be more stable.

Third, do an archive and install with your install disk, making sure to check the box to save network and user settings. Then reinstall the 10.5.8 combo.  This should take you back to before the security update.

However, unless you have a specific need to stay with Leopard, I think the best option is to move to SL for $29.
Or get the Windows 2003 server to share via AFP which is fairly easy.

1st enable Appletalk on the NIC
2nd go to add remove windows components and install the Mac file 7 print srvices
3rd. got to server manager and create the shares as "mac' shares
4th. run a well known reg edit to stop windows server dropping the Mac connections after 15 minutes


Is Windows file sharing on for the local machine? if so turn it off and try again

That hasnt made any difference.


I will look at the article and see if it makes a difference.

Id love to update all the Leopard machines to Snow Leopard but unfortunately I cant do thst either due to an issue Quark Express 7.5 seems to have with Snow Leopard. I cant do an archive and install either as I have 30 Mac's that are now affected by this. An option for me is to use AFP I guess.


Looks like AFP is the only way to go at the moment.

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