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Hi we have a mixed mode exch 2003 and exch 2007 environment with multiple administration groups.  I am currently moving mailboxes from each admin group to the centralised exchange 2007 mailbox servers.  

This all works great when I am logged on as enterprise admin with full exchange rights however when we use the local country exchange administrator accounts this process fails.  My question is what permissions do I need to delegate/apply to a local country administrator account that needs to logon to the exchange 2007 tools and move mailboxes from exch2003 to exch 2007.

Thanks in advance
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You must need these permissions:

1. Exchange Organization Administrator role or be delegated the Exchange Server Administrator role on the source and target Exchange 2007 mailbox servers.
If you move mailboxes between administrative groups in an Exchange 2007Exchange 2003 mixed environment, you must be delegated the Exchange Administrator role on the source and target administrative groups.  

2. Member of the Administrators group on the local workstation or server to create a dynamic MAPI profile


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