Blackberry has two address books. One syncs with BES and one does not. How can I combine these?

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One Blackberry has two address books. The first one has has a few contacts and the second one has 195. I would like to do one of the following things but I can't figure out how to:
1. combine both address books so that Exchange will sync with the one address book
2. change the address book  that Exchange syncs to.

I have tried backing up the BB and then using the rset command to wipe the address books, but when I restore it is the same thing. I have tried disabling wireless sync on the one that is syncing with Exchange and turning it on on the one that is not.

Any ideas?
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Having the exact same issue with one of my users, spoke w/ 3x RIM techs, wiped & re-activated, restored data, 10hrs later still no fix. RIM says it's uncorrectable. I tried taking the backup ipd file I made of the address book and opening it with ABC BlackBerry Converter but that also only reads the mbox contacts, basically the BB has lost the ability to "talk" with that second set of contacts. No desktop manager config will sync it over, you're essentially SOL. Let me know if you DO find a solution.

Good luck



they can't be exported to a csv file or some other type of format can they?
Nope, tried that both w/ the built in desktop manager function as well as that ABC program. Amazingly enough, the ABC program didn't even see the 2nd address book. Originally my user had 3 Desktop address books, I did an rset on all 3 but no dice. Backed up address book via desktop manager, wiped, reactivated & restored. After restore, there are 2 address books, Desktop and Unknown. RIM and I thought it might be related to a service book issue but it's not. I would recreate the contacts manually but my user has over 5,000 in that unknown AB. I've searched every RIM KB, crackberry forums etc. and nada.


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