Access MS Exchange Global Address Catalog with Thunderbird

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How can I make Thunderbird contact an Exchange Global Address Catalog, similar to what Outlook does?

I have some users using Thunderbird with IMAP in the Exchange server.

Thanks a lot.
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Setting up Thunderbird to access your work's Global Address Book:
First off, get your Global Address Book server name. In Outlook, Tools > Address Book. Then right-click on "Global Address List" that appears in a drop-down menu and select "Properties". Copy the server name under "The current server is:".
In Thunderbird, Tools > Address Book
File > new > LDAP Directory
In the General tab, name it whatever you want to, and paste the server name into the "Hostname" area.
Base DN is going to be the stuff after junk separated by commas and set equal to dc. For example, using as your server name it would be dc=work,dc=com
Port number = 389 (default) then ok.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. This one I already tried with no success. I even repeat your steps, but with  no success. What is the Bind DN field?

I've putted my username in the format of usernbame@domainname
Satya PathakLead Technical Consultant

Can you please provide a error message or event id.


It didn't give any error. A followed another procedure and it worked. Is very similliar to what you proposed.
Now it's working.


I wasn't quite like has been explained, but gave me the ways to how is done.

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