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I'm designing a kiosk style application that utilizes an hta and kills the explorer.exe shell.  The kiosk requires the use of internet explorer for the user to browse through multiple sites.

Currently I'm opening IE in a simulated "model" state (the address bar and all toolbars are hidden or disabled in the registry).  However, I have to leave the menu bar (File, Edit, etc) because the users need to be able to print.  I know how to (and want to) permanently disable this toolbar, but I can't until the following is done.

I need to create a custom IE toolbar that has only the following functions.

1)  Back Button
2)  Forward Button
3)  Refresh Button
4)  Print Button

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
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You could do those functions client side with some javascript.


If I understand you properly, the only question I'd have is how would the user access the toolbar?

If I do the toolbar using js/htm I could accomplish this with iframes or frames, however, some of the sites the users will visit automatically break frames, or use a popup window to access the content.  I have no control over these sites.

So, I think a toolbar is the only way to go.

Any other ideas?  Or did I misunderstand your post?
If you want to create your own IE toolbar it cannot be just done with javascript like firefox toolbar. You need to build with C# or .Net, if you want only these minimal functionality and not going to customize more then there are some websites offering online toolbar creator just by choosing the functionality and clicking on a button will give you the toolbar created.

Another choice is using the IE toolbar creating software which is sold for cost. But I guess creating the toolbar for free as mentioned in  1st will be helpful for you
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Any good links for a toolbar creater site?  The "toolbar creators" I've found through google have been...shady, at best, and seem to be more aimed at people looking to market their website.
Try using

or you can also download toolbar studio Trial version from 

Toolbar studio will be easy  to understand and design for minimal functionality :)

Hope this solve your problem


Thanks.  Let me look at both.  My concern is that they are really more for people looking to market their website with a "search toolbar"...not really replace the functionality of the address bar as I'm looking for.  I've tried the Quero toolbar, but it's not exactly what I need (though it's close)'s not secure either...users can change the settings on it.

I don't mind coding it, I just don't know what dev platform to use.  You indicated .Net could be used?
If you can code for a toolbar then take a look at the below link which will guide you in creating IE toolbar

you can also get more samples from the same site.


Thanks a bunch!  This gets me off in the right direction.  Points to you good sir!

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