Upgrading CA from w2k8 std to enterprise

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I have a customer that needed to be able to use modified templates (and new ones). I have upgraded the server OS from Windows server 2008 std to enterprise but I cannot get my CA to use v2/v3 templates.

When I try to add my template (CA console\certificate templates\new\certificate template to issue) I only see the buillt in v1 templates.

What do I need to do to fix this?
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Cryptographic Engineer
There is a quirk in upgrading from std to ent editions, the SKU of the OS does not get updated in the registry, so the server doesn't know that it changed.

How to update the SKU from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition OS when upgrading a CA:
ParanormasticCryptographic Engineer

Afterwards, when you open up the Certificate Templates MMC, it should check AD and populate it automatically for you if needed (which it would need to in this case).

Also note that your CA needs to be Enterprise CA not Standalone CA to use templates.  If you're not sure, you can check this file:

For an Enterprise CA, there should be a line in there that looks like this:
      sServerType="Enterprise" 'vs StandAlone

If its the other way around, then it is a Standalone.


The solution worked great!



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