Buffalo Drivestation/Memeo Autobackup filling up my hard drive - even after uninstall

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Hello Experts,

I bought a Buffalo Drivestation a few months ago and installed the Memeo autobackup software that came with it. It worked perfectly for a few weeks but then it seemed to stop working. After a few more days I noticed that at 5:05am a shedload of files were being created in c:\windows\temp... and I mean a SHEDload: up to 5Gb and it would not stop until the hard disk was full, whereupon I needed to reboot the machine. Only after a reboot could I delete the files, which all seemed to be around 178Mb. And this was happening every single morning.

I uninstalled Memeo, but the problems seemed to persist. I then reinstalled Memeo and then carefully removed all backup jobs and turned off every single option I could find before uninstalling again. That seemed to do the trick and no more big files. For a couple of weeks, anyway.

Yesterday out of the blue it started doing it again. 5:05am files start writing to the temp directory.

I know the files are created by Memeo as I have looked at them in Ultraedit (HEX mode) and at the top of most is a mention of DriveNavi, which still sits on the buffalo drive (as shown below)... in the ones that don't have it,  Memeo and/or Buffalo is mentioned later on in amongst the gobbledegook. I deleted the drivenavi executable from the drivestation yesterday, but it performed the same hard-disk filling trick this morning.

Who can rid me of this meddlesome software?

500 points as ever.
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Have you installed any other backup software with the buffalo drive.

I have installed for my few customers some time ago and remember some other programs installing apart from Memeo.

Please look for Buffalo and other backup programs in ADD/ Remove Programs.

You dont need autorun on an external drive. just delete autorun and all program files from your bufallo disk.

Make sure that your paging file, system restore, or temp folders are not redirected to buffalo drive.





Thanks for responding. Yes I was careful to uninstall everything that had either Memeo or Bufallo in the name. As I write it's filling up the hard disk yet again and I'm about to reboot.

The silly thing is that I got this drive because I've always worked without a safety net and I finally thought I would back everything up in case the worst happened and an automated backup seemed perfect. But in doing so I seem to have given myself a load of problems! I have since read reviews of the Memeo software saying that it's worthless.

I guess I will go through the process of re-installing the Memeo software and then uninstalling it again. Then maybe wiping the Drivestation and then try to remember to do a manual backup.

But what gets me is why does it *always* do it at 5:05am, and why has it started again after a couple of weeks of silence? There's nothing in the event viewer nor task scheduler.

Log in to to your system at 5 am.

Open task manager and wait. Are there any new processes opening at 5.05??

Go RUN and type msconfig

stop all unneeded autostart services and programs.

You could also try using some registry cleaner

free trial JV16 by Macecraft

or paid RegCure


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No I've done that... I've sat here at 5am and nothing new starts at 5... that's why I'm so perplexed by it all. When the software was installed I could explain it, but now it's uninstalled nothing should be happening. It's clearly left a stub of itself somewhere and I just can't work out where. There doesn't seem to be any service that relates to it.

I've tried CCleaner, but that didn't do a lot.

I'll have a look at JV16 to see if that does anything and let you know.
On JV16 use the search registry option.

Have a search for several keywords like:
backup - be carefull about that

Most (if not all) of the keys for buffalo and memeo could be easily deleted (backup first - jv16 asks your for the backup anyway)

Keys for backup (there will be a LOT) are more for a checkout and clues. Do not delete them.

Let me know how it goes.

That is also a good one http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4972976/RegCure_1.6_Portable

You could startup and safely clean the registry.




Cheers for the info.

I've performed a cleanup with JV16 and removed all mentions of Memeo. I removed all the mentions of Buffalo that I could but some wouldn't be deleted because they were invalid.

Anyway, we'll see if that problem returns at 5am tomorrow.....
Fingers crossed ;)


5:05am: Hard disk filling up again!

But, don't despair. I think I've found the culprit and it's completely unrelated.

I was sat here watching it (I'm gonna be sooo tired later today!) and I noticed that AVG was performing a scan at the same time. I stopped the scan and amazingly the big files disappeared! So the fact that memeo and buffalo were mentioned in all the files could well have been a red herring.

I will upgrade my AVG 8.0 to AVG 9.0 and see if that solves it.... so another early morning tomorrow!
Think about changing from AVG to Eset NOD32 4 Antivirus or Eset Smart Security.

It is waaaaay better ;)




I may have to change from AVG... I'm finding myself constantly stopping the scans every day. Oh well

and sorry I forgot to award the points!


it actually turned out to be another issue entirely hence the "partially". Extremely helpful though.

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