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I have kind of a minor strange thing with one of my clients.  He is running Outlook 2007 with Hosted Exchange 2007.  When he receives an attachment, the icon signifying the attachment does not display the program associated with it.  For example, word documents don't show the W icon, just the generic windows icon as if a program isn't associated.  But it happens with any attachment, double clicking the attachment does open the correct program.

His files icons are all correct everywhere else on the computer. Opening up my documents displays all of of the correct icons for each associated program.   I have reset the associated file types in the system just to see if that would correct the issue.  I have changed the program from one program to another and then back.  No change.  I have ran diagnostic in Outlook, but it never found anything.  I do not want to uninstall/repair install for something this dumb.

Anyone seen this before?  This was happening before we switched to Hosted Exchange and were just using pop, so it has to be a local issue.
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Apply the hotfix mentioned in this KB article.


If you do a find for the word icon in the link you will see where it mentions your issue as one of the fixes this hotfix provides.

Hope this helps
The user is out of town, I have sent over the hotfix link and just waiting for word back if this has fixed it or not.

Thanks for the info.
No problem


Finally got a response and a chance to look at the machine.  The update suggested did not work.  I ran Office Diagnostics which of course found nothing. My attempt to reload from the CD prompted this error:

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    Microsoft Office 12
Event Category:                None
Event ID:              5000
Date:                     11/13/2009
Time:                     9:58:03 AM
User:                     N/A
Computer:         Laptop
EventType office12setup, P1 {10120000-0f00-0000-0000--0000000ff1ce}, P2 12.0.4518.1014, P3 x, P4 msiapicallfailure, P5 pror_prorww.xml, P6 x, P7 x, P8 NIL, P9 NIL, P10 NIL.

I have read that the MS Installer Cleanup utility should be run, but from what I have read on this error, you have to Uninstall MS Office 2007, run the utility and try to reinstall.  But from what I read, people that have done this have been unable to get Office 2007 to reinstall.  The user is running Win XP Sp3, plenty of ram, hard drive space, etc.  He really wants this fixed, but I don't want to make office completely unusable just because the attachment icons are not displaying the appropriate program.

Any thoughts?

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