How to print an as400 report on a shared printer attached directly to a windows workstation?

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Hi experts,
Ususally when we want to print an as400 report on a printer, we print it to its ip address directly.
 if a printer is attached to a windows workstation, is there a way to print via this window share.  

we have a samba server that act as a PDC we can access those share printer from here so if it is simpler to use samba that would also be an acceptable solution.

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As long as it is a supported printer (or a printer that can emulate a supported printer), sure.

The AS/400 supports TCP/IP printing over LPR/LPD, so you can just configure an LPD daemon for this printer on your Samba server, and point the AS/400 output queue to the LPD server  and queue name.

You'll need to configure the AS/400 printer queue for Host Print Transform with the appropriate make and model so that the AS/400 can produce the correct printer language output.

- Gary Patterson
Let's say you want to print just page 50 of a 100 page report.  Under normal circumstances, you could do just that.  With LPD/LPR if you attempt it you will get all 100 pages.

LPR/LPD works, but you loose the features we have all grown to love.

If you are printing short SCS jobs, go for it.  If it is a large job and each page is important (W2's, 1099's, Invoices) avoid this option.

You will have must better luck with a Jerdirect or similar device.

Steve Bowdoin


Thanks for your responses I'll need more time to test your solutions since priority have been change here.
just to make sure I understand correctly, stevebowoin.
Can anyone be more precise on the problem that LPR/LPD method poses?
because right now it looks like it is the only solution aside buying network printers right?

the Jetdirect is only $143 from CDW.

go ahead and try the LPR/LPD.  it is cheap.  if you dont have the problems my customers have had then keep doing it.

you can always get a jetdirect later.


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