Terminal Services locking down the RDP client setup

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We are looking at a Terminal Services solution for our desktop and have some queries with regards to configuring the remote desktop connection.
We are using XPE thinclients users log in to these with AD credentials which will autostart a RDP connection to our Terminal Services 2008 server. We are trying to acieve the following:

1. Can we pass the logged in credentials straight through to the remote desktop connection (so the user does not need to log in again to the server)
2. Can we lock down the remote desktop window so they cant ctrl+alt+del, we have removed the connection bar so far in a custom rdp file
3. When the users logs out the server can we have it automatically log out from the thin client?
4. If we have to use login credentials can we alter the timeout which cause the rdp window to close after 30 seconds if a user does not input their details. There is also the issue of the cancel button/pressing esc here if we go this route.
Many thanks in advance for any advice

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1. No.
2. I do not understand exactly what you mean.
3. No out of the box but you can write a batch file using START /WAIT MSTSC.EXE /V:YOUR_SERVER and SHUTDOWN.EXE /L. This will do what you want.
4. No.
What you can do is to take a look at ThinDesktop. Very simple to use and cheap. And will lock these thinclients down as you want.

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