Laptop Screen  on Hp compaq nc6220

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Laptop screen has gone all blurry with colours mainly  now gone pink and green ..All looks blurry now. When I move the screen , it comes back to a normal, clean  screen, however after a few seconds or  minutes(it varies) , it goes blurry and all messed up again..

I have connected a external monitor which works fine> I am guessing I have to replace the LCD but am wondering would it be a loose connection anywhere?

Thanks for any help
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for sure it's the cable or the connector in the back of the screen. sometimes it brokes near the hinges.
replacing the lcd will not change anything, you just need to change the cable (or check if it's well plugged)

I agree that it seems to be the connector since the GPU still has output and the screen can display correctly.
If it is out of warranty, you can try taking out the keyboard, the connector is visible under the keyboard.
Take a look at the service manual and see if you can manage, it shouldn't be too hard and take a lot of time.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies, Sorry in the delay in getting back... I've checked  the cables Greg, nothing looks broken, I reconnected all the cables running from the screen..same issue though

I also checked  under the keyboard 1057 and I cant see any revelant cables related to screen here.. When the screen does goes funny...If I catch a corner at each side of the screen opposite to each other and gently bend, you can see screen come back to normal perplexed by this?

Externally screen is always good
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Hmz. If the cables going from the screen to the mobo look ok, and the connector is well plugged in, you can always try taking of the lid of the screen and see if something looks forced in there however I never did that myself so don't know if it's advisable and if it actually will solve the issue...
If I was in your position, and the laptop is out of warranty.. I would try and take of the screen, take it all apart and put it back togetther. If it doesn't work... well, you lose nothing since it was already broken and you can still put in another screen afterwards... good luck.
if the cables are good I see only one solution : the lcd itself. you know, on the sides of the screen there are micro-connectors which transfer datas from pcb to the lcd itself. you can not change it by yourself because of very thin solders so the best is to change the lcd pannel itself.



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