Sql Developer File Compare does not work

gram77 used Ask the Experts™
I am using Sql Developer 1.5.1

I want to comapre files through file comaprison utility.

I click on the file folder, select two of the files to compare and do Compare With --> Each Other.

"I get Compare Not Available."

The software would compare files, i do not know what happened and now it does not compare.

How do i rectify this?
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This works fine in SQL Developer 1.5.4. The current version is 1.5.5 with 2.1 also around. You might want to consider updating your version to one of the more recent ones.
Instead of SQL developer there are other useful comparison utility

1) Ultra edit
2) ExamDiff
4) Notepad++

Also if you are using Toad you can do file comparison there as well.


In SQL Developer, open the files list section (View --> Files). Go to relevant folder where files are kept. Select the files that need to be compared (use shift key). Then click the compare --> each other option. Compared window will open. (Works only when 2 files selected)

- p


That's what i am doing. select the two files and do Compare--> Each Other
@gram77: my suggestion was to update your software, which should be relatively painless to do

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