Developing in MOSS 2007 with Visual Studio 2008?

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I have been working on our Intranet using SharePoint Designer 2007 by editing the pages live. Everything has worked well. Now we're ready to start creating web parts. I've installed Visual Studio 2008 on my client machine. But it seems like VS doesn't open pages live?

What's the best practice using VS for SharePoint development?
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VS is different than SD.  with VS, the concept is more similar to "deploying" a solution rather than saving it to the site.

it's closer to program development and compiling code than the editor interface of SD.

there's a web part project template available for VS 2008.  this article gives a brief overview of the process for creating a web part in VS, and provides a link to the project template:
If you want to develop for SharePoint, there are a few things you need to install:
To make your life easier, download wspbuilder as well

In Visual Studio you will then have the possibility  to create a wspbuilder project.
After that, you can rightclick the project, add item, wspbuilder, webpart feature. This will already take care of a lot of requirements for you and allows you to then rightclick the project, wspbuilder, deploy the webpart in a wsp file (solution file)

As Zephyr_Hex points out, Visual Studio isn't able to open your SharePoint pages, it's a lot harder to develop something in Visual Studio as you will have no visual reference on what you are doing (this won't be the case in SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010)

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