Program Posing as Virus check took over my computer

ralphwalkerdj used Ask the Experts™
I have an IBM laptop with Windows XP Pro

I was hit by a virus (or whatever) that poses as a virus cleaner.  It says I have all these trojans, worms, etc, then blanks out my desktop.  It pretty much takes over the computer.  Then it asks me to buy it.  

I know it's a scam, but how do I remove it?  I pulled the HD and put it on a usb external.  I've run several virus checks and have only found some tracking cookies from Ad-Aware.  But I don't think these are causing it.

Does the HD have to be the bootable drive for these programs to find the culprit?  I'm running AVG, Threatfire, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware.

I plan on moving all important files to another HD then just sweeping the corrupted drive.  However, it's just curious that nothing has shown up.
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What's the name of this "virus cleaner"? You can try Googling that name..maybe there is an article on how to remove it.
and yes these will scan an external drive but only find the hard drive artifacts.  For it to find proce3sses you need to install the drive again and boot it
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That's the problem, though.  The virus is so virulent that I can't install any anti-virus programs on it.


Is it possible to "externally install" an anti-virus program?   By this, I mean putting a program such as AVG on the corrupted HD while it's connected via the usb cable and, thus, is not the c: drive.  Like I said, the other program will not even allow me to install programs such as avg.
Yeah install the first 2 programs I suggested on a computer then use them to scan the external drive.
Ya , id also say,   1. Run combofix   2. Run Roguefix  3. Malwarebytes and finally use Advanced system care or CCcleaner to clean temp files etc . If you still have problems , or cant delete some of the infected files use FILE ASSASIN to force delete them.  After that , if you dont want to pay, install free Anti Virus, like Avira Antivir  ,  update and do full scan.  Also go --> start ---> Run ---> type "msconfig"  , click on startup tab and disable anything that looks funny or doesnt make sense. be esspecially weary of .exe files in the startup.


You haven't told us the name of the "virus cleaner".  If you do that, we can be more specific.

Just in case you have Internet Security 2009 or 2010 (or some variant thereof - it has many names), I have written a blog post on how to remove it.

Compare the window in the post to the one you saw when this first happened.  If they are the same or very similar, follow the instructions to get rid of it.

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