How do I open a .db file made in "file finder" database software?

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I have a .db file made in "File Finder" software. This is a database used in executive recruitment. I no longer have the "file finder" software, but want to open the .db file to be able to read the contents. My version of File Finder used Sybase 9.0.2. Any idea what free or low cost software would open this file? I just need to view it. I have an HP with 64 bit Vista, but could possibly find a PC with 32 bit Vista to use to view this file. Thanks in advance!
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Try to contact FileFinder people and ask them to send you trial version.

Use filefinder forum to find someone helpful to open and export it.

It is hard to find universal software to open .db files cause every single .db is different and created by custom software with custom settings.

Its not like the .doc which is a standard.

You could try Database management files like Navicat trial



try the link above as well to see many other options


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Most database products - and Sybase ASA is no exception - aren't just software that opens a file. They are database engines that use the file(s) to store their data. You will not be able to open this with anything except ASA (well, unless you want to get into low-level hex editors).

You can probably get hold of an appropriate version of ASA, but unless the application used the default login and password (unlikely), that still won't help you. Like I said, the file is not just passively opened by the database - you need a running database engine, which you then connect to with a login and password. No login & password = no connection.

Suspect you won't get anywhere without the original software. Sorry.

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