How do I move a mailbox from one user to another in Exchange 2007?

cyberleo2000 used Ask the Experts™
A mailbox was moved from an Exchange server in another subdomain to my exchange server using the management console. How do I disconnect the mailbox from the user account in the other subdomain and reconnect it to a user account in my subdomain. When I run the connect-mailbox cmdlet, it tells me the mailbox is already connected to an account, and I cannot find a disconnect-mailbox cmdlet.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can use

Remove-Mailbox -Identity domain\user

It will delete mailbox from AD, but not from Exchange DB. Then you can use connect-mailbox to connect mailbox to different user.
Satya PathakLead Technical Consultant

Delete the user's mailbox from AD Users & Computers. Right-click the user account | Exchange Tasks | Delete Mailbox. No need to worry about the data - we're not really deleting the mailbox, just disconnecting it from UserA.

 Run the cleanup agent in Exchange System Manager. Expand the Store where the mailbox resides | right-click Mailboxes | click Run cleanup agent.
From Exchange management console right click on the mailbox and disable it .
Run Clean-MailboxDatabase -identity database
and the mailbox will be seen under disconnected mailbox.
once it is disconnected it can be connected to another user by right clicking on it and reconnect.

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