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I am currently working on updating a core network for my company ; our setup is : Two WAN via Vsat link (50Mbps for each Vsat) ; cluster cache servers containing 4 squid cache; Cisco 6506-e with WS-SUP720-3B. My suggested layout is :

1)Add content switching module to make load balance ,layer 7 inspection , and to handle server farm in the future
2) Use WCCP to connect the cache cluster to the network instead the way we are using  (inline) i.e when the cluster is down the hole traffic will be dropped.
3)Deploying SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer plus Syslog server

please share with me your feed back
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I dont see point for layer7 monitoring on server farm, which are ussially belong to DMZ zone, and as long servers itself secured behind standart secured router, in most cases is sufficient.
Having additional security can slow down servers a lot. If there is a lot of questions with security on webfarm, webdevelopers should point them out for you very specificly, so you will know , how to approach.
Cisco sale will help you best to choose hardware, once the time come, you will see better what you should get.
Deployment of WCCP should be tested for performance in lab first, base on specific application requarements, not sure the purpose of use in your case, but it simply can be "extra overhead".
SolarWinds create tools, and I think you should invest more in SNMP monitoring, then extra gear, by getting maybe Orion, as well look into other "proactive security monitoring software".


Do you think CSM module will help me to deploy QOS base on layer 7 inspection, load balance and  high availability feature  to monitor servers specially cache servers to redirect the traffic if failure occurs coz I have a lot of headache with the cache servers.
Personally never did similar scenario, I guess unless you test  in a lab, will difficult know for sure.
I would not play with those kind of mixture- servers and CSM, unless there is really good reason for it, to much variable involved. Looks like the best way consult heavily with application/web developers, if there is no volubility in their application- no point use CSM.
I think QoS in this case wil be very CPU intesive, and can slow your webservers performance, but it is still depends what kind of traffic/load you will have.
Purpose of cache servers is already protect LAN users, and having CSM on top of that, looks like overhead.

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