Windows 2003 SBS - Workstations taking 5 minutes to login

lanman777 used Ask the Experts™
Windows 2003 SBS network with approx. 10 users.
It takes 5 minutes for users to login.
I suspect a DNS problem.
What should I look for?
Lots of Broadcast ARP's and Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00 in my packet analysis.
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Make sure all workstations DNS is pointed to the server and nothing else.  (ipconfig /all from command line)

Make sure DNS is running on the server.

Check event logs of computer and servers and look for GPO failures.  What does it say while sitting for 5 minutes...?  

Are the workstations taking 5 minutes or the server?
Have you checked your event logs for DNS-related errors?  I'm assuming your 1 SBS is serving all DNS, DHCP, etc.?
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Make sure the SBS server is acting as the DNS & DHCP server for the network, not the router.

On the PC NICs, make sure that TCP NetBIOS is enabled.

For SBS issues, I recommend disabling the uPNP configuration on the router if it's enabled.
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If it's the server that's taking a long time to boot (and not the workstations as I assumed) you could stop and disable the Network Location Awareness service...

I agree with Adam1115, also make sure all workstation register dns with the server and if your using DHCP to hand out IP's to the workstations make sure your DNS server(s) is you SBS server running DNS and that should take care if it.

Good Luck,
to test if DNS works properly or not, run nslookup as follow:

1.nslookup dmoain_name                               << this should return your DC ip address

2.nslookup DC-Name                                    << this should also return your DC ip address

if one of this query failed, check the clients DNS server ip address then check the DNS itself ( try to restart the DNS services on the DNS server)


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