Cannot install Backup Exec using remote SQL instance

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I am trying to reinstall my Backup Exec 10.0 for SBS 2003 to my server, as it had crashed and broken several elements of SQL, Sharepoint, etc.

When trying to reinstall, I want to point my SQL instance to another server running SQL 2000. However, that instance of SQL 2000 is on port 3399. Is there a way to change the Backup Exec install to connect to the instance on that port?

Need immediate answers, so all experts are welcomed!!
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Personally I would try the following:
* In Administrative Tools on the Backup Exec server go to the ODBC tool.
* Create a new System DSN, and use the Microsoft SQL Server option. Point it to the remote SQL instance. On one of the dialogs you will have a button for "Client Settings". In the TCP/IP section of those client settings, change the port to 3399. Continue through the dialog and make sure the ODBC test succeeds.
* Try the install again.

This has worked for me to get Backup Exec to detect a remote SQL instance in an SSO environment. I hope it will work for the install as well.


This appears to have allowed the install for me. I need to reboot the server to complete installation, but it allowed me to make a connection to the remote SQL server and ran the install with no errors.

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