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We use a Kodak trendsetter to output plates for printing. The inhouse jobs we run where we create our own pdfs look look fine, but sometimes when we receive pdfs from other places, the colors appear washed out or are the wrong colors altogether. Both appear fine on the screen. Is there some way to calibrate the monitor or the trendsetter, so the colors show up as they are printed? Is there a problem with how the pdf is created originally? It seems like there should be a way to check the pdfs with each other to see if there are any differences. But we're not sure where to start. Thanks.
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There are easily 20 key variables at play here; I would start with looking at what source program generated the clients PDFs; If that source program were something Microsoft (really anything not Adobe), that'd be an obvious start to color issues; To determine what program generated the PDF select the file menu > properties command; in the file properties dialog on the Description tab look for the PDF Producer.
Second guess: They may have ran PDF Optimizer or Reduce file size and you'd never know if it was;
Third guess: They may have changed the default Adobe PDF presets incorrectly and need you to send them a correct PDF profile

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