Howto determine Bluetooth device class?

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1) how does one determine the class of a bluetooth device on a Windows machine? Does Device Manager help (one of the info fields under the bluetooth device properties?) ? I want to know if mine is Class 1 (100m range) or Class 2 (10m range), a bluetooth device integrated into my Windows laptop .

2) is it possible to determine the class of a connecting device as well? e..g if i connect a headset or a mobile ot my laptop..  i read that "The class is received during the discovery procedure." so does that help?
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Download trial version of BlueSoleil.

That is the coolest software for managing and using bleutooth with most of the drivers already in it. That is going to give you all the info about your bluetooth devices.

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thanks! i have bluesoleil already installed, it comes with my bluetooth dongle. i have attached an image of the device properties window in bluesoleil, which is the only part i could find potentially relevant information. does the HCI or LMP stuff tell me which Class teh device is ? i.e. is it Class 1 so supporting link distance up to  100m , or is my device Class 2 so supporting up to 10m? or even Class 3 (1m coverage)?



any expertise?

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