Is there such a thing as a hosted or virtual modem?

Joe Sorensen
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Hey everybody,

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a hosted/virtual modem? Something we could remote to and use on an extremely rare occasion? Problem is my company jumped the gun and virtualized all our servers prior to me starting here only to forget that one of our terminal servers had a modem in it to connect to a few remaining Unix/Linux customers we still have for support.

Thanks a million in advance!
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It probably depends on the virtualization software you are using, probably not all have the same functionality. As far as I know, if you are using VMware, you can add the actual an rs232 modem to a serial port to the server hosting the VM's, then you can add that modem to the individual VM's which can then use it. Whether you can do that with other software I'm not sure.
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You can install PUC modem or USB modem, they provide serial port if your computer does not have one.

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