Remotely Execute Windows 2000 programs from CentOS linux problem

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Im currently having a lot of trouble being able to execute a windows 2000 exe file which is located on my windows 2000 desktop remotely from my CentOS 4.4 linux computer. I have tried installing copSSH on the windows 2000 computer and I'm successfully able to login to the computer via CentOS, but when I do ./Myprogram.exe from my CentOS box it just hangs there and does not execute the program. I however am able to shutdown the windows computer by sending the command ./shutdown -t -u from CentOS after installing a third party freeware shutdown utility in to the C:/winnt/system32 folder. I have also tried installing a program called winexe onto my CentOS computer which supposidley allows the ability to remotely send commands to windows and execute programs from centOS. However I keep getting problems running this program on my centOS box. When I tried to install the precompiled package and run it, it would say

"FATAL: kernel too old:"
Segmentation Fault core dumped

When I tried to compile the source program on my computer by running their command ./, it would give the error

"need autoconf 2.54 or later to build samba from SVN.

I'm completely lost here and have no idea what to do. I can't upgrade the current kernel version either. I have to be able to make it work with what I currently have. Is it possible at all?
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Windows programs won't work natively on a Linux PC. If you want to run commands on the Windoze box, you'd have to go to that box using terminal services, on Linux you can use rdesktop to start terminal services sessions with the windoze box. Another option would be to use something like VMware server on your CentOS box and install a Windoze OS as a Virtual Machine within that.You can then use that VM to remotely run commands on your Windoze box.

A further option, but it doesn't work with all windoze apps, is to install wine on the CentOS PC. You should probably be able to install wine from the centos repositories via yum.
> .. when I do ./Myprogram.exe from my CentOS box it just hangs there and does not execute the program.

hmm, when it hangs it's being executed, isn't it? ;-)
Anyway, your cannot start native windoze executables remotely if they have a GUI. Such programs may behave as you encounter.
Use rdesktop or alike as rindi suggested.


I know that program winexe would let me do it. Is there anyway I can install it on centOS 4.4? I keep getting those errors
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1- If the program has GUI (Graphical User Interface) it will run, but of course you won't be able to control it.

2- If not, then install "wine" on your CentOS.

3- Get Microsoft PSExec, one of PSTools:

4- you muct run psexec first time on the windows 2000 GUI console. It has an agreement dialogue you must click on. Then copy pstools files to your system32 foldr.

5- use wine to run psexec with your arguments:
wine psexec args
> .. program winexe would let me do it.
let you do what?
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If you know who is the author of winexe, and know it's homepage, you could check there for the sourcecode and install it from source (provided it is opensource). It should then also run with your CentOS version.
I'm sorry none of the solutions are getting me close to the answer I need.

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