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Do you know where I can get a brief crash-course on database security as it involves networks?  My superiors want a way to protect certain fields from being hacked as they travel across our network and the Internet.
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LBizzleMicrosoft Enterprise Administrator & AWS cloud Consultant

You are asking an awful lot as far as that is a pretty broad topic. Is the db going to be accessed via web? Then you need to run the whole thing over https, even internally. Don't use an access database.. Use LDAP auth for access.. Need a little more info too on what type of db, does it traverse the Internet or all on Internal network etc..


It's a SQL Server database and it DOES get accessed by the Internet.
Microsoft Enterprise Administrator & AWS cloud Consultant
You need a secure web front end (have a .NET developer handy at your work?) that access the sql db. If you have specific companies you can limit access to specific IP ranges to help narrow the hole as well. Use a certificate and user based access and make sure the .net developer is up on his security best practices...

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