how to set iphone to not mark messages as read when synchronizing with Exchange

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I want to set up my iPhone so it does not mark messages as read everytime I open a message on the phone.  The phone syncronized with Exchange using OWA, not POP or IMAP.

Any suggestions?
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You have to manually mark the message as unread once the message has been opened.  This is a pain, but it can be done.
Open the message, Press on Details, then press on Mark As Unread.
By design, the iPhone will automatically mark the message as read when you open it on your iPhone.  The only way around this would be to use POP, then it wouldn't matter if you view the message or not as long as it leaves a copy of the message on server.  

But it would be crazy to downgrade to POP if you have a working Exchange server.

Hope this helps somewhat.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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fbclubbock - Usually when mail is downloaded (and a copy left on the server), it is marked as read on the server.

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