How to see if a user has a mailbox open

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Hello everyone,
Is there any way to tell if a mailbox is open from within exchange management console?
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Here is the process. Run Set-EventLogLevel MSExchangeIS\9000 Private\Logons level low on each mailbox server. Monitor application log for events with and ID of 1016.

In Exchange 2007 with all Office Outlook 2007 clients deployed, this should be a fairly accurate way to track mailbox access. There may be times however (even more so with older Outlook clients) that other users will access other mailboxes to see details about calendar appointments or other data. So just because you see that BillG logged into SteveBs mailbox does not beyond a reasonable doubt establish that he was up to something nefarious.
exchange 2003 - go to first storage group, mailboxes, logons


Thanks for the help =)

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