Is it possible to run a command prompt in D? For example ipconfig?

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Hi there;

Is it possible to run a command prompt in D? For example ipconfig? I searched for its forums and language specifications and I couldn't find anything regarding.

I mean in C, in stdlib.h, there is the system function doing that job. But where in D?

Best regards...
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If you have acces to Windows API functions, then the same techniques as used in C++ should work for you.  Please see:
Execute a Program with C++
>>If you have acces to Windows API functions

That I am not sure but the following link says so if I understand it right.

I mean which functions and where?  I have a confusion about the term API concept, documentation or what? (Sorry of that illiterate being:)

So, in your work which I find it really helpful, you give examples regarding shellexecute function. In my case, am i going to reimplement a shellexecute function?

By the way, I found out a stdlib.h header file of D. (That I missed before). I attached stdlib.h of both VS 6.0 and the one coming with D. I tried for it to run the process but simply, I couldn't compile it that D gives errors.

Thanks for your interest...I really appreciate...
oh dear, there is a typo in my code. I did it, simply by calling system function stdlib.h. Before concluding question, what do you mean by accessing API functions? I mean could you give more info regarding the API functions?

What if there is no stdlib.h header. What should I do in that case? I mean your article seems it will work regardless of programming language if I have that windows API functions. Am i right? (I am illiterate regarding the issue)

My new issue is reading from a text file. I will try for it. If I fail, I would be asking another question regarding File IO. (I think it's very similar with C, am i right?)

Best regards...and loved your article...
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For the API concept, I find this while searching for Haskell.

>>The best way to execute an external program without any windows popping up is to use the >>ShellExecuteEx() API function with the "open" verb. If ShellExecuteEx() is available to you in Haskell, >>then you should be able to achieve what you want.

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The stdlib.h file that you posted contans the system command.  You should be able to use, for instance:
#include <stdlib.h>
system( "notepad.exe" );  // run notepad program
As for Shell Eecute... see the "Basic Example" here:

import std.string;
extern(Windows) HINSTANCE ShellExecuteA(HWND, LPCTSTR,
int main(char[][] args)
	if(args.length < 2) return 1;
	ShellExecuteA(null, "open", toStringz(args[1]), null, null, SW_SHOW);
	return 0;

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I totally missed that link!
Thank you.

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