Active Directory 2003 domain, DNS issue?

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I recently came across a tool from Microsoft called the "Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner", and thought I'd give it a run. After running it, it keeps coming back with the following errors:

"The NS record is not correctly defined for domain from The local configured DNS server. A fully qualified domain name is defined, but an IP address is not defined. Correct the NS record. If The local configured DNS server is in external network, please make sure it is not used by local machine and it is not referenced by other internal DNS servers."

Checking it out, it in fact does appear that the NS records are set up correctly, and that IP addresses are assigned to the servers in question. I verified this both through the DNS MMC console, and via nslookup, set type=ns, (screenshot attached). DNS zones are all AD integrated. I've run the same nslookup against all the DNS servers, and they all seem to have the same correct NS records.

If I tell it to rescan, it goes through, and comes up with the same error, for a different DNS server, cycling through the entire list, then recycling.

Is this something I should be worried about, or is it likely just an error in the program? We're not experiencing any problems, and the Event Logs on all the DNS servers and DCs don't indicate any issue.
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looks fine - the Server unknown message is a result of not having a reverse lookup zone (which you can ignore in 99.9% of cases - if you really want a revrese lookup zone for the subnet you can create one and the "error" will go away

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