Vacation tracking software?

Bill Prew
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Looking for some recommendations for small office vacation tracking solutions.  Not looking for anything too exotic, but here are some things we'd like it to include:

- vacation days available vary based on employee
- tracks vacation days as well as other days (like sick, training)
- allows employee to see running balance
- allows employee to request time off, and it gets routed to supervisor for approval
- aggregation options to see all team members vacation at once
- some reporting capabilities
- enforcement of maximum vacation being exceeded, or sick days, etc

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we use ADP EzLabor for our company but those 2 sites might work for you
looks like the better one

Managerial Benefits
  " Receive emails requesting time off.
" View everyone's schedule with the click of a button.
" Can see everyone's vacation balances.
" Track excessive absenteeism problems.
" Keep abreast to organizational changes when they occur.
" Run reports to determine vacation liability.

  Employees Benefits  
  " View real-time balances.
" Easily track available dates
" See who is in, or out of the office.

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Thanks for the feedback, was hoping to get more replies but appreciate your time.


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