Create a wireless connection without a wireless modem

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Is there a way to add a wireless connection without having a wireless modem in the area?  If so, how can that be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.
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You should be able to turn on Internet Connection Sharing for your wired connection and share it wirelessly IF the system you're using has a wireless adapter installed.

A little more explanation:
what are you wirelessly trying to connect to?

are you talking about a verizon cellular wireless modem card?


I'm not trying to share a connection rather, I'm trying to create a connection for a wireless modem that doesn't exist in the office.  The reason being is because I have people travelling to certain offices where they have wireless modems with different names.  An example of what I'm trying to accomplish is if I'm sitting at my office, I would like to add a "Starbucks" connection so that the next time the laptop is in Starbucks, the computer will recognize and automatically connect.  Does this make sense?
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Oohh... You can go into the Wireless Networks tab of the Wireless Network Connection Properties window and use the Add button to add new connections/profiles - but you will need to know the exact SSID of the network they'd be connecting too and in some cases would need the security settings if they have any on that particular network.

If you know it is an open network and know the SSID, you can add it there and it should work. If there is a password and you don't know it, the user would still have to select it from a list and connect manually and enter the password.
If all your wireless routers have the same SSID, security password, and channel your users should be able to roam to anywhere.

You can setup a wireless profile under the wireless network adapter properties.
Sure it does make sense but that would be hard to do.

Most of places has some security passwords on WIFI and you would have to know them right know in your office and configure them.

You could add new networks manually giving name, security type and password but it would be hard to know all that. you could ofcourse visit several web pages and try to get those details but that doesnt make any sense.

It is way easier to go to those places, find wifi, connect and then save it.

Good luck gathering all the wifi netoworks around.




Thanks guys!  Great answers.

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