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i have a client that has bes installed an a email adftrss assigned to te bes accouny does bes hcve to jave a email address assigned ? the issue is there spam filter is out of loxences
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Even though you don't NEED to have an account assigned for BES, but the recommended method is to have a separate account setup for your BES server. This is the account that connects to the exchange server and will read the mailboxes and transfer emails to the blackberries, etc. Also if they did it properly this should be the account with administrator rights on the BES server and BES services rely on it.

This account also has full access to all mailboxes, or at least the mailboxes which are synched with BES. I wouldn't remove it unless it is really necessary and even then you will have to make a lot of changes before doing so.

The BES administrator account should have a domain account matching.
Wherether this account has email or not is optional, but its recomended that it does.

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