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We reside in a building with the county. We go over the the same managed switches, but have tottally different domains and different IP structure. The county has a public folder they would like us to be able to view. Is there any known way to make this happen???   (DMZ/etc.)
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You might be able to do something like this via sharepoint server.   Alternatively you might be able to use OWA and set them up with a domain account.
Not anything elegant...


Sharepoint would be better, I agree.


It is my understanding that Exchange 2003 won't allow for sharing/viewing public calendars on the web with OWA and that this functionality wasn't added until Exchange 2007. Is this correct?

As a side note, we aren't too worried about elegant but more interested in function.

No, the opposite actually.

2003 has Public Folders in OWA.  2007 didn't at first but they added it later.

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