Does the Apple Remote Control work with IPOD TOUCH (1st Gen)

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Hi there !

I have an old ipod touch (8GB, 1st gen.) and put it on a JBL On Stage 200ID (which creates the best sound for a good price, by the way) to have a nice radio and mp3 player for at home.

Now I would like to have a remote control and was wondering if the Apple Remote might work as the ipod is a really old one.

Thank you for telling me.

And have a good weekend.

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Per their product page:

"The Apple Remote requires the iPod Universal Dock and any iPod with a dock connector or any iPhone."

So you would have to have the iPod on the Apple iPod Universal Dock for it to work. It wouldn't work directly through the iPod.


I have a iMac, which comes with a remote.
Would the computer's remote control the iPod too, or are the remotes for iMac and iPod incompatible ?
The remote that came with your iMac is essentially the same thing you've linked (except your link is a newer version). They both work using IR signals... so the one your iMac came with would only with with one of the Apple docks like the new one.

This would be the one you would need:

But as you mentioned you bought the one you have for specific reasons (I have one of the small JBL docks and love it), so I doubt you'd want a second dock there with it.

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