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I am trying to access some web sites in the US which are restricted to US based IP addresses. I live in Canada so when I try to stream some media I get a message indicating that the content of the web site is restricted to US addresses only.

I just want to access sites that have media content on them, such as I have tried a proxy server but I was still unable to "fool" there servers.

Can anyone suggest any alternative ways I can access these sites. Hiding my IP is no good as most of these sites automatically block a hidden IP. I tried using Privacy Partners and selected a US east coast site, but to no avail. I don't mind paying for a reliable service.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I never realized this was a problem for people outside the US... I don't know of any services, but do you have a server in the US that you can VPN to?  In the VPN setup, check the Use Default Gateway under the advanced settings and it will filter ALL internet traffic through the VPN.  If the server that you're VPNning to has a private IP behind a NAT firewall, then the IPs should translate to a public US IP because it will be a Private local network IP to the Server, then the server will send to the NAT and the NAT will translate your private to a public.


Depends on which provider you select

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